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Student accommodation in high-density cities is often expensive and not very cozy. The Chinese firm LYCS Architecture have attempted to address the issue with their redesign of a student apartment block in Hong Kong. They’ve dubbed the project Campus Hong Kong.


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Campus Hong Kong was originally used as a hotel, but is now home to 48 student apartments. LYCS is hoping the project will provide students with a comfortable and affordable alternative to traditional digs. Each unit is approximately 290 square feet (27 square meters) in size and houses up to four people.


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Existing partition walls were removed during the renovation process to increase the perceived space and the amount of natural light reaching the rear of the units. The center point of the redesign is focused around a common space for studying and socializing.


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Sleeping accommodation for four people has been included, all of which wrap around the communal hub. The beds are raised up off the ground to create a personal study and storage space below. To provide some privacy a blackout curtain can be draped across the opening of the beds.

Student Apartment - LYCS Architecture - Hong Kong - Bunk - Humble Homes

Each sleeping unit is equipped with electrical sockets and a reading light. The storage/study space below includes a clothes rail, built-in shelving, lockable drawers, a luggage compartment, and a built-in desk with a multi-socket USB hub.

Student Apartment - LYCS Architecture - Hong Kong - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The back end of the apartment contains a single bathroom (shower only), and a small wrap-around kitchen opposite it. The bathroom is split into three separate areas, allowing for the use of the shower, toilet, and sinks at the same time.

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