Camping in Style – Glamping in Korean by ArchiWorkshop

If camping’s not your thing, perhaps you should give Glamping – glamorous camping – a go. These unusual structures are actually luxurious tents designed by ArchiWorkshop for those that can’t leave all the comforts of home behind.


ArchiWorkshop - Worms and Donughts - Glamping Tents - Humble Homes

The “glampsite” can be found in a remote area of Yang-Pyeong in South Korea, and offers a unique experience that combines contemporary design with eco-logical virtues.


ArchiWorkshop - Worms and Donughts - Glamping Tents - Humble Homes

There are two types of tents available, the Stacking Doughnut (that was apparently inspired by pebble stones) and Modular Flow. Modular Flow is designed so that it can be extended as needed. Both tent types make use of a high quality membrane that provides UV protection, is water-proof (no-duh), and fire resistant. The membrane is also double skinned helping to resist the extreme seasonal Korean weather.


ArchiWorkshop - Worms and Donughts - Glamping Tents - Humble Homes

All of the units contain their own toilet booth that has been finished by a local Korean artist. ArchiWorkshop are also responsible for the design of the furniture. Due to the limited interior space, ArchiWorkshop created multifunctional units that act as a seating area during the day, and can be transformed into a bed at night.

ArchiWorkshop - Worms and Donughts - Glamping Tents - Humble Homes

For more on glamping, check out this unique glamping site near Loch Ness that has it own “Armadilla” sleeping pods. Or these micro cabins built by the German company PODhouse. See all spaces.

ArchiWorkshop - Worms and Donughts - Glamping Tents - Humble Homes

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Photos: June Young Lim

Niall Burke

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  1. I would like to know what the “tunnels” are made of, what kind of materials?? Please send to my email. Thank you!

  2. I would like to know what kind of material is used? Is it waterproof? Easy to build it up?
    For how long can you keep them on the ground?

  3. I had a look around but couldn’t find anything other than it’s an engineered membrane. My guess is it’s a type of polyester with a PVC coating to provide the UV and water resistance. Also it’s double-walled so I’m sure it’s really quite waterproof. The Glamping tents here are raised off the ground level. I don’t really know how long you could keep them on the ground for. I’m sure it varies depending on the type of synthetic applied to the fabric.

  4. I am thinking of setting up a tent like this Korean one. Would you have any more information about the designer, any link or website?