CABN is a Tiny House that Serves as a Retreat from the Modern World

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This tiny house project can be found in the region of Adelaide Hills Council in Australia. It’s been titled CABN by it’s designer, Michael Lamprell.



The CABN was completed back in 2017, and was built with the aim of reconnecting it’s occupants with nature – and at 161.46-square-feet (15-meters-square) it would need to have an outward focus.


Somewhere along the way, we lost touch. With ourselves and what is most important – our environment and the people in it.


The unit is apparently off-grid, and offers you a complete retreat from the modern world. That said, the tiny house itself is decidedly modern, and you’ll not have to go without all the mod-cons that make life easy.


CABN was set up to help provide people with a means to disconnect from the crazy we have brought upon ourselves.


From the outside, unit resemble and angular wooden box, because, that’s essentially what it is. On the inside, the dark wood finishes give way to much lighter tones.


Copious amounts of glazing are incorporated into every wall. This results in the house feeling very open to the outside world, bringing in lots of light and providing plenty of views of the scrubland.

CABNs use of locally sourced materials allow for strict quality control, and our design team can cater our exterior cladding to each unique location we feature our CABNs.


The layout is simple and effective. To the left-hand-side, there’s a bathroom (complete with a toilet, sink and shower), the middle is occupied with a small kitchen, and the right-hand-side serves as a bedroom. There’s also a second bedroom placed above the bathroom.



Niall Burke

Structural engineer by day, tiny house designer by night. Niall has a keen interest in small spaces, green design, and sustainability. He started developing Humble Homes while studying for his masters degree in engineering. He is the founder and managing editor of Humble Homes.

  1. Wow, this is a cool tiny house design, love the glass wall, I imagined seeing myself just staring outside holding hands with my love and playing chess. Thanks for sharing. Is this available in the U.S?