Cabin Ostfold Soaks Up Views of the Norwegian Coast

Set in scenic Ostfold in Norway, this small cabin offers spectacular views of the Oslofjord archipelago. The cabin was built back in 2013 for a private client, and is actually split into two separate structures.


The task of task of designing and overseeing it’s construction was handed to the Norwegian architecture firm Lund+Slaatto Architects.



The project, simple titled Cabin Ostfold, saw the construction two structures with a combined area of 645.83-square-foot (60-square-meters). The architects, lead by Espen Pedersen, called for a main cabin, and a separate and much smaller guest cabin.



Both units overlook the sea and coastal landscape. The sea-facing wall of the cabin is almost entirely composed of glass, in order to soak up the views. To help regulate the interior temperature and prevent overheating, horizontal screening has been used on the outside.


The cabin replaces an existing structure on the site. In homage to the original building, and to help the new structure slot more succinctly into its surroundings, the foundation has been reused, and the pitch of the roof follows the original.


The interior encapsulates the atmosphere of a beach hut. It’s bright and airy with pops of bright colors and lots of wood. Both the outside and inside look to be finished in cedar, along with a much lighter wood that’s used for cladding the walls. One half of the cabin is dedicated to a living room and dining area with a galley kitchen.


The other half features a cozy snug, a bedroom and a bathroom. There’s also an upper level, which presumably serves as an extra sleeping space. The other guest cabin is just big enough to accommodate a bedroom and a bathroom. From the architects: “The timber cladding, alongside the slim pitched roof, gives the house an almost shelter-like appearance – a sensation of a light and sensible dwelling on the fragile coast.”


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Photos © Marte Garmann

Niall Burke

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