Britespace – A Prefab Tiny Home by Avava that can be Flat-Packed

This project, called Britespace, is the brainchild of San-Francisco-based Avava Systems. Their design consists of a prefab micro-home that can be shipped as flat-pack to your chosen location.


There are three units available: Model 264, Model 352 and Model 480. The numbers represent the overall square footage contained in each home.

Britespace - Avava Systems - San Francisco - Exterior - Humble Homes


By utilizing prefabrication and flat-packing the components, Avava is hoping to gain a quicker turnaround from ordering to delivery and assembly. They state an average assembly time of 2 months or less, and their first trial build of Model 264 came in at 6 weeks.

Britespace - Avava Systems - San Francisco - Kitchen - Humble Homes


From Avava: “Current prefab methods have moved standard construction practises into a controlled environment, which is indeed an improvement. However, moving and installing completed buildings is very difficult. Roads and cities were simply not designed for items this large.”

Britespace - Avava Systems - San Francisco - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The structure is made from SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) over which the cladding system is fastened. A variety of exterior finishes are available, including wood and stucco. The interior of each unit is kitted out with at least a kitchen, dining area, bedroom and bathroom.

Britespace - Avava Systems - San Francisco - Shower - Humble Homes

On the inside they’ve used oak flooring, and plywood sheathing on the ceiling. LED lighting has been incorporated throughout, and low VOC finishes are standard: “We think about cladding, as well as other systems in the building, as component based, and so interior and exterior finish materials will be interchangeable.”

Other features include an electric water heater, a greywater collection system and roof-mounted solar panels to either supplement or cater entirely for your electrical needs. The price for the homes ranges from $117,000 to $223,000 (£89,000 to £171,000). This includes permits, delivery, installation and contractor services. It doesn’t however include furniture and appliances.

For more prefab projects check out Wikkelhouse, a modular home made from cardboard. Or, Mima Light, a minimalist tiny house from Portugal. See all tiny houses.

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  1. If this was smaller, this would be a cute tiny house. I love the style. It needs more seperation of space though.

  2. Model 264, Model 352 and Model 480. I assume the one on the website is the 264. Is that correct? What is the price for the home you show and as it was built. I see a shower right next to the sink. Is that considered a wet bath? Are the sink finishes and walls built to handle the water from the shower?
    What are the base prices for the 352 and the 480? Do you plan to build these 2 models?

    Thank you.