Block Village Features Glass Walls To Promote Light and Space

Dubbed Block Village, this project from Kaohsiung City in Taiwan aims to provide a bright, modern, and adaptable living space for a young family. Local architecture firm, HAO Design, were responsible for transforming the clients needs and wants into a reality.


Block Village - HAO Design - Taiwan - Study - Humble Homes

Block Village has a floor area of just 12 ping – that’s 426 square feet or 39.6 square meters. Given that the designers needed to accommodate two bedrooms, a living room and a dining area within its confines, the project required some creative space solutions.


Block Village - HAO Design - Taiwan - White Kitchen - Humble Homes

Throughout the home focus is given to lighting and visual elements. The house has three main floors that are offset from one another. The lowest level contains a bedroom with a tatami mat floor, the home’s only bathroom, and a study area.


Block Village - HAO Design - Taiwan - Living and Dining Area - Humble Homes

A few steps take you up to the main living area. It consists of an open plan living room, dining area and kitchen. The northern wall has been utilised for storage, which runs along the entire width of the home. The entrance is also found at this level and has been subtly separated from the main living space through a difference in floor levels.

Block Village - HAO Design - Taiwan - Sitting Room - Humble Homes

A sense of spaciousness is created through the use of a double height ceiling in the main living area. It’s also promoted by using glass partitions between rooms, allowing light to filter through from one section of the home to another.

Block Village - HAO Design - Taiwan - Floor Plans - Humble Homes

The final floor of Block Village contains the master bedroom, a large storage closet and a separate dressing room.

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  1. This is brilliant!
    And, if there is a space, you put there the bed that hides in the wall and go under the floor of the living room, the downstairs bedroom could be easily accustomed to western living arrangements.
    I wish I’ve seen it before I did a renovation in my place….

  2. I like the kitchen which I see as being very functional. I would want a few more feet so I could have a DW & I really need a 2 bowl sink. all is well designed and executed.