Black Box Writing Studio Overlooks The Los Angeles Landscape

Designed by Aaron Neubert Architects (ANX), this writing studio can be found among the hills of Los Angeles. Named the Black Box Writing Studio, it frames views of the surrounding landscape, Griffith Observatory and other nearby landmarks.


Black Box Writing Studio - Aaron Neubert Architects - Los Angeles - Exterior - Humble Homes

The studio measures just 200 square feet (18.5 square meters) and is located in the neighborhood of Franlin Hills. ANX designed the building for a technology columnist/author who wanted a quiet, contemplative getaway to focus on their work.


Black Box Writing Studio - Aaron Neubert Architects - Los Angeles - Interior Views 2 - Humble Homes

The main feature of Black Box Writing Studio is it’s massive 10-by-12 foot (3-by-3.6 meters) window. The window almost takes up the entirety of the front façade, and integrates seamlessly with the floor and ceiling. You would almost think there was no window at all, except for the give away seam between the two pieces of glazing.


Black Box Writing Studio - Aaron Neubert Architects - Los Angeles - Interior Views - Humble Homes

From Aaron Neubert: “I was interested in producing a simple sculptural gesture hovering over the landscape. The idea of an oversized picture window carved from a simple box was interesting for its capacity to reflect the sky during the day, illuminate the property at night, and present a spectacular view from its interior.”

The studio is set to the back of the owner’s main home. The rest of the exterior is clad with dark redwood, and features a black steel structure that elevates it off the hillside. The steep slope of the hill caused a few headaches during construction, particularly when attempting to install the two large glass sections – one of them was broken on the first attempt and had to be replaced.

Black Box Writing Studio - Aaron Neubert Architects - Los Angeles - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

In a bid to keep the interior free from distraction (bar the amazing view) it’s finished in a minimalist fashion. The white walls and ceiling are offset slightly by the pale wood furnishings and floor, but the main focus remains, as it should, on the exterior.

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  1. Like your plans and specially the split levels! I am interested in building my own tiny house in Florida , USA.

  2. I like it but it is a open box. Does it have a bathroom/shower facility or possibly a small room for a cot/bathroom in case you just needed to shut down and sleep or take a bathroom/kitchen break. Does it have a kitchen area for a frig/microwave area if not a stove or a hotplate.

    For the window, I would enclose where the side of the wood to the right with the open window instead of having window from the ceiling to the floor. 2nd, do you have privacy blinds or coverings to block out especially if you see a crime and call the police to report a incident. You are not giving away your identity or location. Vertical blinds might work and give privacy and take away the glare of the sun if in the east or west direction.