Bazillion – A Monochromatic Makeover by YCL Studio

This apartment from Lithuania is distinctly divided into two monochromatic sections – one is a bright and light space, the other dark and warm. A local architecture firm by the name of YCL Studio were responsible for seeing the project through.


Bazillion - YCL Studio - Lithuania - Bedroom and Living Room - Humble Homes

The century-old building is set in Vilnius, among the old town where you can catch glimpses of monastic architecture, and historic monuments the like old city gate and defensive walls. In contrast to this, the apartment is a modern renovation, however it’s original character can still be found in the thick walls, tall windows and high ceilings.


Bazillion - YCL Studio - Lithuania - Bedroom - Humble Homes

With a plan of 484 square feet (45 square meters), there’s not an excessive amount of space to work with. They’ve focused on creating a bright open plan living area in one half of the home. The other half features a much more moody, and private bedroom and bathroom.


Bazillion - YCL Studio - Lithuania - Kitchen and Dining Area - Humble Homes

The architects describe the concept as “timeless clay coolness in twilight and monochrome play of light… a set of irregular interconnected rooms, each with its own character.” In creating the home they took inspiration from the surrounding city and attempted to introduce a kind of “monastic austerity”.

Bazillion - YCL Studio - Lithuania - Bathroom - Humble Homes

My favorite aspect of this redesign is the fireplace – it can be viewed from either the bedroom or living room. Personally, I find the living area too monochrome for my liking. I think it looks a bit lifeless, but I suppose the idea is that it forms a backdrop for the owners and their lifestyle.

Bazillion - YCL Studio - Lithuania - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

From the entrance there’s a small hallway that leads directly into the kitchen, which hugs the back wall. A dining area separates the kitchen and living room, before the plan wraps around and into the bedroom. The bathroom is compact but functioned and can be accessed from both the hallway and the bedroom.

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Photos: Leonas Garbačauskas

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  1. I like that the cabinets do not meet the floor, allowing for ease of cleaning and more sanitary conditions. This feature and the tiled walls are things I have included in my conceptualized small living space archetype. I would want a floor drain so that the rooms could be hosed/wiped down. I would also want to provide a floating cantilever pedestal at the same height as the base of the cabinetry for the refrigerator. A restroom off the kitchen is a no-no, however.

  2. I like the floor plan and the basic materials for the Lithuanian apt. I could add a rug and some more colorful bedding and make this gorgeous.