Barna Architects Create a Guesthouse that’s Connects with its Surroundings

This property from Dörgicse in Hungary serves as a guest house that’s designed to connect with the local environment. The project has been dubbed Portushome Guesthouse.


Works were completed in 2017, with a local architecture studio called Barna Architects overseeing the design and build. The result is a material centric home.



The house takes on a long narrow form, with one half of it been dedicated to the interior living quarters, and the other half serving as a terrace. The combined footprint adds up to 968.75-square-feet (90-square-meters).



From the architects: “The primary task of the design was to create a guest house that is connected to the local environment, which provides a native atmosphere by making use of  modern architectural elements. The secondary task was to create a space for the terrace that is in connection with the interior and can be one of the main living areas of the house.”


Given the owner’s desire to have the property connect with the environment, lots of natural and locally available materials were used in the build. The bulk of the structure appears to be constructed with wood, and under the terrace it’s possible to make out the thatching of the roof.


The interior layout is pretty simple; just under half of the guest house is dedicated to a sitting area, dining area and kitchen. The gable end of the guest house is occupied by a bedroom, and the circulation space in between provides access to the upper level, which has a few more rooms to avail of.


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Photos © Tamás Bata

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