Autonomous Tent – A Luxurious Off-Grid Getaway Set Along California’s Coastline

Ever wanted to experience the natural wonders of the world from something a little more substantial and luxurious than a tent? If so, this American-based startup may have the solution.


Called Autonomous Tent, the company specializes in creating a luxury off-grid camping units. Autonomous Tent was founded by Phil Parr, while architect Harry Gesner was responsible for the overall design of the structures.

Autonomous Tent - Harry Gesner - California - Exterior - Humble Homes


The tent-like structures are intended to act as semi-permanent fixtures. Due to their form and the materials used in their construction, they can be erected and removed quickly and with ease. The prototype unit is perched on a hillside in California and overlooks the ocean.

Autonomous Tent - Harry Gesner - California - Decking - Humble Homes


The front of Autonomous Tent features a large porch that allows plenty of guests to sit and soak up the views. A set of wood patio doors lead in to the main living area. It consists of a 500 square foot space (46 square meters) and includes all the necessary amenities for a short – or even an extended – stay.

Autonomous Tent - Harry Gesner - California - Living Room and Bedroom - Humble Homes

From founder Phil Parr: “The Autonomous Tent is a modern design with open floor plans, soaring ceilings and grand entryways to showcase property views. The luminous resilient fabric stretched across the metal ribs glows at night and provides natural indoor lighting during the day.”

Autonomous Tent - Harry Gesner - California - View from Bed - Humble Homes

The front of the floor plan is occupied by a rather large and luxurious lounge/bedroom, both of which face the patio doors to the front and look out at the view beyond. To keep warm during colder weather, a wood-burning stove has been placed adjacent the entrance. Towards the back of the tent there’s a bathroom complete with a full shower and a composting toilet.

Autonomous Tent - Harry Gesner - California - Bathroom - Humble Homes

Autonomous Tent needs little in the way of electricity, but this version gets its electrical supply by way of solar panels. The company claims that they’re the “the world’s first transportable five-star boutique hotel in secluded natural locations”.

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  1. I did this over 8 years ago on the island of Roatan !!! When I moved from Greenbay WI. Only I built octagon wood homes and covered them with tent material from sheltersystems !!!

  2. Ok Steven, now being honest with yourself, in “your” opinion, which looks better? Yours or this one? And there is no right or wrong answer because opinions are just that. And like a certain part of our anatomy, everyone has one.

  3. I like definitely but 2 things strike me that needs updating, Interior, white sheeting and need railing going down stairs. More open and airy. curtains also needed. Does it have frig or do you need to bring your own ice with chest?