Athru Tiny House Plans – Now On Sale!

The Athrú (meaning to change or alter) is a unique tiny house. Like several of our tiny houses (The McG Loft and BRV1), this home has been designed to make a tiny housing a feasible option for someone who may not be able to access a sleeping loft.



To create a more accessible home, the bed is concealed under the raised kitchen. Storing the bed in this way has allowed us to maximise the available floor space – it’s a tiny house that works around you and your needs.

  • Transform the living space to a bedroom with a concealed pull-out bed
  • Large kitchen with a breakfast bar, and apartment-size appliances
  • Lofted ceiling & a sliding bathroom door that doubles as a closet

The plans for the Athrú have been reduced from $249 to $198, but that’s not all… You can SAVE OVER $100 by using this coupon code: tinyhouseplans25


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Full Plans $249 $198
$148.50 with Coupon

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Good To Know

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  • All our tiny houses are designed & checked by a structural engineer
  • Our plans are among the highest quality available, at discounted prices
  • You can either download your plans instantly or order a printed set
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  • Plans are designed for the self-builder with lots of helpful drawings & info
  • Free updates that contain additional options, schematics & add-ons
  • Free support – because we care about your home as much as you do!

For more info head on over to the Athru Tiny House Plans page. Please read our End User License Agreement before purchase, and see our FAQ.

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