Architects H2L Venture into Multi-Story Micro Housing in Seoul

This project, titled Micro Housing K, can be found on a small site in Seoul, South Korea. Its design and construction was overseen by the architecture firm Architects H2L.


H2L had to overcome plenty of restrictions and red tape during the process. This is in part due to a building-to-land ratio which limits overall size of any building in the bustling city of Seoul.



The clients site measures 796.53-square-feet (74-square-meters). Of this, only 322.92-square-feet (30-square-meters) was zoned for construction. The small site, coupled with its proximity to neighboring buildings and infrastructure, forced the architects to produce an innovative plan to address the clients needs.



Due to the limitations on the physical footprint, the architects built upwards. The result is a four story structure (five if you include the roof top) that accommodates three units – a basement, ground floor and duplex apartment. Works were completed in 2017 and the property is now home to a number of people.


The combined overall floor area amounts to 1,614.59-square-feet (150-square-meters). In the basement, you’ll find a self-contained apartment, with more generous living spaces than the units above. The basement apartment also comes with it’s own sunken terrace.


Between the basement and the duplex apartment is a studio unit. This is the most basic of the three properties. The kitchen, dining area, and bedroom are all contained within a single room. The bathroom is found closed off in a corner. However, it does have access to a small balcony on the east side.


The final unit is a duplex apartment. The lower level contains the kitchen, a dining area, and a larger bathroom than the other two units put together. A small staircase leads up to the “attic”; a sleeping loft. The partially enclosed roof top terrace can be access by everyone in the building, via the central stairwell.


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Photos © Dongkyu Yoon

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  1. Is it possible to meet the Architects in Seoul or anywhere in the World? I am having a small plot in Goa India. I want to build a similar house. Please help me.