ArchiBlox’s Carbon Positive Prefab House

The Australian company Archiblox recently revealed what they claim to be the world’s first carbon positive prefab house. The prefab units are designed to be more environmentally-friendly by reducing embodied energy, and making use of renewable technologies.


Prefab Tiny House - ArchiBlox - Carbon Positive House - Australia - Exterior - Humble Homes

The prototype was first displayed in Melbourne City Square on February 8th. Archiblox, who produce prefab houses both large and small, have named the new prefab line the Archi+ Carbon Positive Houses. The prefab units contain in-ground cooling tubes, sliding edible garden walls to reduce direct sunlight, and a green roof for rain water retention and extra thermal insulation.


Prefab Tiny House - ArchiBlox - Carbon Positive House - Australia - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The units – like any good sustainably designed home – make use of passive strategies to promote natural and cross-ventilation. This is aided by the in-ground cooling tubes, which pull air into the house that is then exhausted through the clerestory windows.


Prefab Tiny House - ArchiBlox - Carbon Positive House - Australia - Entrance - Humble Homes

Other features include double-glazed, thermally broken windows, photovoltaic panels, and waste water recycling. According to the Archiblox, all materials used in the construction of the homes are free from harmful emissions, and the environmental measures they’ve taken lead to an annual saving of “101% in carbon emissions”, resulting in a Platinum rating.

Prefab Tiny House - ArchiBlox - Carbon Positive House - Australia - Study - Humble Homes

The prefab unit itself is small but well designed. It features a clean modern exterior and interior. The front face of the building contains windows along its entire length, allowing it to really take advantage of sunlight. The house is split into two parts, the first being the sun room, which is used to gather and distribute heat.

Prefab Tiny House - ArchiBlox - Carbon Positive House - Australia - Floor Plans - Humble Homes

The second part of the home is dedicated to the living areas. There’s an open plan kitchen, living and dining room, with a bedroom in one corner and a bathroom in the other. While it’s currently shown with this layout, you could easily branch out into the sun room to create larger living spaces.

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Photos: Tom Ross

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  2. I definitely like the openness of the kitchen area and the room for a dining room table with chairs but I would have like to see pictures of the bathroom and bedroom area. same thing as the other houses I am concerned about is the windows areas from ceiling to floor. Safety concerns and privacy issues also.

    Last year I had to move and was looking for a place and called a place in town here in Idaho and saw a house from the outside. I went online and found out the apartment they offered a man who was a rapist had been living in the place. That changed my mind right then and I told the realtor that they needed to change the locks on all doors and windows and rekey the place before renting the place and tell the new tenants who had the place before. You definitely do not want someone breaking into your house.

  3. What are the overall dimensions, please ? I would also like to see photos of all the rooms- all 4 walls of each room and all exterior walls. Thanks. Beautiful house. Love the floor to ceiling cabinets with doors, occupying the entire length of wall from left to right. That’s the way to do it.