From Apartment to a Studio Workspace in Tel Aviv

This multifunctional studio in Tel Aviv has undergone a transformation from a cramped apartment to a versatile and functional workspace. The redesign was carried out Israeli architects Raanan Stern and Shany Tal.


Multifunctional Studio by Raanan Stern - Tel-Aviv - Humble Homes

The workspace is just 20 square meters (215 square feet) in size, but manages to fit in a host of storage options, as well as a hidden bed. The transformable interior is used to house a collection of 2D art pieces dating back to the 1940’s, all the way up to today.


Multifunctional Studio by Raanan Stern - Seating - Tel-Aviv - Humble Homes

One wall of the studio is dedicated entirely to storage, with cabinets from the floor to the ceiling. Maximising the available vertical wall space has allowed the designers to retain a sense of openness in a compact room.


Multifunctional Studio by Raanan Stern - Storage 2 - Tel-Aviv - Humble Homes

The storage cabinets were designed with specific items in mind, with four main sizes identified for each cell, cupboard and drawer. The artwork was then organized and allocated a storage space depending according to its size and artistic connections.

Multifunctional Studio by Raanan Stern - Seating Area - Tel-Aviv - Humble Homes

The studio also contains areas that have been created solely for displaying the work, allowing it to act as a private gallery. The sliding doors, which are actually made from pallets, can be removed and used as presentation boards or easels. Another neat touch, the interior of the drawers are lined with mosaic tiles. The colorful interior is only being revealed once the drawer is opened, a playful element in an otherwise functional design.

Multifunctional Studio by Raanan Stern - Model - Tel-Aviv - Humble Homes

Behind the sliding doors you’ll find a folding bed, which can be pulled out whenever you plan on working late into the night. The closets and the floor are made from white birch that’s been finished with a light coating to give a “delicate feeling, while still retaining the organic look of the natural material.”

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Photos: Raanan Stern

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  1. Oh My GOD this is sort of what I’m looking for. All of the pictures and designs are spectacular. I live in Puerto Rico in 1 1/2 acre I would been searching for a small house design for a long time now. I have not find any arquitectural firm here that would provide me with an inexpensive one bed room house. I,ve been looking into the new designs with cargo containers. his options are quite formidable.

    I looking for a simpler living style one bed room, tiny kitchen , solar panels, terrace, maximization of space for storage with great natural light. I just want to un hooked from the government expensive cost in utilities and mortgages.