Apartment from Vilnius Features Scandinavian Influences and Glam

This property can be found in the Old Town district of Vilnius in Lithuania. The small apartment was designed for a middle-aged couple who are based in another city. The apartment is designed to act as a respite from their main home.


The project was taken on by architecture studio, Interjero Architektūra. They collaborated with the clients to create this small but sophisticated apartment.

Apartment In Vilnius Old Town - Interjero Architektūra - Lithuania - Living Room - Humble Homes


The one-bedroom apartment contains a total of 527-square-feet (49-square-meters). The apartment block itself was first constructed back in 1904, and over the course of its lifespan has been used by the Jesuit Order, and by the police as a commissariat.

Apartment In Vilnius Old Town - Interjero Architektūra - Lithuania - Kitchen - Humble Homes


Eventually, the building was purchased by a renovation company, who reverted it back to its original purpose as residential housing. And at last, in 2016, Interjero Architektūra had the opportunity to take it one step further with their latest rendition of the space.

Apartment In Vilnius Old Town - Interjero Architektūra - Lithuania - Bathroom - Humble Homes

The interior is finished in a mix of white, black, and gray. Contemporary furniture pieces with mid-century modern influences are scattered throughout the living spaces. The gray-painted wood paneling of the main living room also helps give home a sense of sophistication.

Apartment In Vilnius Old Town - Interjero Architektūra - Lithuania - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The entrance takes you through, after a short hallway for coats and shoes, into the main room of the apartment. It’s an open plan space shared between the living room and kitchen (and a breakfast bar). A large windows and patio doors provide plenty of natural light. The patio doors also open up to a small balcony.

Apartment In Vilnius Old Town - Interjero Architektūra - Lithuania - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The bathroom is finished with elements of glam. It features gold fixtures, crazy tiling and some industrial-esque items (like the lamp over the bathroom mirror). The bedroom is more subdued, but echoes the styling of the living room with wood-panel closets.

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Photos: Leonas Garbačauskas

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  1. I applaud the floor plan of the apartment in Lithuania. I would die of depression with the color scheme if it were mine. The decor is beautifully done so I appreciate the beauty even tho I could not live with the lack of color in it.