An Apartment Block Attic Conversion in Tokyo by G Architects

This raw, unfinished-looking apartment can be found in Tokyo, Japan. The 40-year-old apartment was originally an attic space for the building. It recently underwent a renovation by the Japanese firm, G architects, who decided to keep some of the buildings more austere features on show to create an industrial aesthetic.


Tokyo Loft - G Architects - Small Apartment - Kitchen and Bathroom - Humble Homes

It comprises of 936 square feet (or 87 square meters). The owner had been searching for a convenient location within central Tokyo, when they found this apartment block attic, just one block from a major highway, and located in the very heart of Tokyo. All they had to do was make it more liveable and finish it in-keeping with their tastes.


Tokyo Loft - G Architects - Small Apartment - Living Area - Humble Homes/></p>
<p>To introduce light into the space they installed windows along the sloping walls of the roof. The windows provide unobstructed views over the city. From the architects: “Since this apartment is to be used for accommodation purposes, we took the unique character of the apartment and added a hotel-like atmosphere.” From the look of it, it’s a very functional hotel. </p><div class='code-block code-block-8' style='margin: 8px 0; clear: both;'>
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Tokyo Loft - G Architects - Small Apartment - Kitchen and Living Area  - Humble Homes

Those smudges of paint on the concrete surfaces aren’t by accident. According to the architects they were introduced to help soften the space and find a balance between the industrial and hotel-like atmosphere: “soft painting techniques that resembles traditional Japanese paper called “Washi” are used on the surface of the raw concrete walls and ceilings.”

Tokyo Loft - G Architects - Small Apartment - Exterior Terrace- Humble Homes

The entire apartment is a single open plan space – even the bathroom. There’s an entryway, and a hallway that’s occupied with storage closets. A bedroom is tucked away in a corner, and the main living area contains the kitchen, living and dining room. The bathroom is found to the back of the kitchen (there’s a privacy curtain to separate the two). On the outside there’s also a large deck area.

Tokyo Loft - G Architects - Small Apartment - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

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Photos: Katsumi Hirabayashi

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