An Old Apartment Block Renovation in Portugal by A2OFFICE

The Portugal-based architecture studio A2OFFICE were responsible for the redevelopment of this block of micro-apartments. The building dates back to the 19th century and is set in Porto, Portugal.


S. Victor Lofts - A2OFFICE - Portugal - Exterior - Humble Homes

The refurbished block contains four apartments, each stacked directly on top of the other. The apartments contain a floor area of 560 square feet (52 square meters), and within this the architects have managed to incorporate a bathroom, kitchen, living area, bedroom, and – in the loft – a roof terrace.


S. Victor Lofts - A2OFFICE - Portugal - Staircase - Humble Homes

Before the interior redesign could begin, the floors had to be strengthened and a new staircase introduced. With these in order, the building was structurally sound and safe for occupation. According to the architects, the staircase plays a central role, in that it creates a space for social interaction.


S. Victor Lofts - A2OFFICE - Portugal - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The exterior facade was also restored and painted. New windows helped to give it a new lease on life, transforming it from a grubby, run-down building into a fresh-faced apartment block. On the inside, the original walls have been lined with new stud walls and insulated.

S. Victor Lofts - A2OFFICE - Portugal - Rooftop Deck - Humble Homes

The apartments are finished with white and grey concrete walls, a wood floor, and splashes of maroon on the doors and windows to match the exterior. Each of the apartments feature a similar floor plan: an entryway with storage with a bathroom to the rear, a bedroom that can be curtained off from the main living space, and a small open plan kitchen, dining and living area.

S. Victor Lofts - A2OFFICE - Portugal - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The loft apartment has the added benefit of windows along it’s entire length, as well as a small roof terrace. All in all, I think it’s a pretty good layout, but I wonder if there were any restrictions, such as the schedule, budget or building control, which prevented them from being more inventive with the space.

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