An Environmentally-Friendly Prefab House by Ecospace

Idris-Town, Lee Town and Matthew Kettle of IPT Architects got together over 10 years ago to set up a side project. That side project focused on producing sustainable, prefabricated, studios and offices.


Their aim was to create environmentally friendly buildings, that could be configured quickly and easily, to meet the requirements of the customer.



Today, the demand for eco-friendly prefab homes is greater than ever. The company itself is called Ecospace, reflecting their sustainability driven manifesto. They can now build off-site, ship and install the dwellings in a relatively short period of time (and at a competitive rate).



More recently they extended their portfolio of buildings to include compact homes (as shown in this article). The houses are clad both inside and out with wood – usually a cheif proponent of sustainable construction. Plywood panels on the inside have been arranged in a masonry brick-like fashion.


The furniture items and general decor have been selected so as to create a neutral, relaxing, atmosphere. There are no jarring color selections; in fact, the only real splashes of color come from the plants and a few pieces of furniture. The beauty of this home lies in the craftsmanship that went in to producing it.


From Lee Town: “We believe in the longevity of sustainable natural materials. For us it’s how we use such materials in an innovative way. increased quality, less waste and increased efficiency allows us to explore and research through physically making rather than as a theoretical exercise only. we believe in designing through making and testing.”


Each of their units is modular in design, allowing you to – theoretically at least – bump up the size of the home to meet your needs. Ecospace will also navigate their way through the relevant planning and building regulations and can have the home installed in as little as 5 days. Prices start from £9,950 + VAT (that’s about $12,500 USD).

For more prefab buildings check out Avalon House, a green-roofed prefab home set along the coast of New South Wales. Or, Britespace, a tiny prefab home by Avava that can be flat-packed. See all prefab houses.

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Photos: Ben Benoliel

Niall Burke

Structural engineer by day, tiny house designer by night. Niall has a keen interest in small spaces, green design, and sustainability. He started developing Humble Homes while studying for his masters degree in engineering. He is the founder and managing editor of Humble Homes.

  1. The birch wood panels look much better than other examples of 4’x8′ plywood. I would want a bright white plaster or smooth drywall ceiling. It appears there is an option of Japanese charred finish for the exterior, which is (to me) more aesthetically pleasing and compatible than the brown finish. I am intrigued by the flooring. Is it Baubiologie approved no voc 21st century linoleum? The pricing is not just competitive, it is incredible. It appears to be 50-75% less than other comparable prefab homes. These homes almost have a museum like Interior and are tremendously less expensive than the typical tiny home on wheels. What’s the catch? Which model is featured in this article? What was the turn key installed cost excluding land? I hope this is truly a prefab which provides a better product at a lower price. It would be a first in the housing market, eh?

  2. WorkPod

    External dimensions:
    2.5m wide x 1.9m deep x 2.5m high

    Ecospace 06
    External dimensions: 9.7m wide x 3.9m deep x 2.8/3.9m high
    Mono pitch
    (with mezzanine loft)

    £64,850+VAT !!