An Artists Studio Set in a Melbourne Car Park by Edwards Moore

Set in a car park, this small glowing building is actually an artists studio. Designed by local architecture firm Edwards Moore, the studio is located in a residential car park just outside the owners Melbourne apartment.


Artists Studio - Edwards Moore - Melbourne - Exterior - Humble Homes

The exterior is clad in a mix of solid opaque and translucent panels. The translucent corrugated sheeting found on the front and side walls allows the warm glow of the interior lights to illuminate the surrounding car park. The only windows to be found are a series of small circular holes to the back of the building, acting as peepholes.


Artists Studio - Edwards Moore - Melbourne - Facade - Humble Homes

The inside of the studio reveals its structure – a timber post and beam frame with glulam beams supporting the roof. The floor looks to be polished concrete, while the back wall and part of the ceiling are finished with plywood sheeting.


Artists Studio - Edwards Moore - Melbourne - Interior 1 - Humble Homes

The artists studio has been designed to serve a number of functions and features a toilet and shower at opposite ends of the building. A kitchenette has also been been included, making it a small step to turn it into a studio apartment, although insulation might be a problem.

Artists Studio - Edwards Moore - Melbourne - Interior 2 - Humble Homes

Thanks to the sheer amount of translucent sheeting the interior will be a brightly lit space, even on dull days. The porthole windows, which were made from inspection hatches, provide ventilation and some additional natural light.

Artists Studio - Edwards Moore - Melbourne - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

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Photos: Peter Bennetts

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