Amazing Sustainable Homes Constructed From Bamboo

H&P Architects from Vietnam, have produced a conceptual design that attempts to tackle the future problems associated with flooding and affordable housing.


These nifty homes are constructed from local bamboo, built on a platform of reused oil drums that are anchored to a foundation allowing the homes to float during the seasonal flooding that occurs in Southeast Asia.


Bamboo is the material of choice for these homes not just because it grows in abundance within the region, but also because of it’s versatility,and  durability.


The bamboo walls, and roof are fastened to a series of steel piles that secure the home during flooding. The raised floor not only provides space for the recycled oil drums, but also helps to keep out stray animals.

The roof is designed from both form and function standpoints – the triangular ‘cut-outs’ open the home up in every direction, creating a natural system for ventilation.

The home also feature small vertical gardens, which are suspended from the bamboo planters along the exterior walls and a rainwater harvesting system that can be shut off during severe weather.

H&P Architects expect to be able to house families of six or more, all for just $2000.

Via Inhabitat

Niall Burke

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