An Amazing High-Tech Hideaway by Blue Forest

This amazing treehouse was design and built by Blue Forest, the ‘go-to’ company in England for custom treehouses. The client provided a succinct brief which went something along the lines of ‘create a James Bond-style hideaway for my children.” If James Bond was ever to own a treehouse, it would probably look something like this.


High Tech Hideaway - Blue Forest - Treehouse Retreat - Humble Homes

Located on a beautiful private estate in Athens, the luxury loft features a thatched roof and with it’s quirky appearance it wouldn’t be out of place in Hobbiton. But if you delve a little deeper you’ll find that this is no ordinary rustic treehouse; the interior is finished off with some high-tech gadgetry.


High Tech Hideaway - Blue Forest - Treehouse Retreat - Interior - Humble Homes

The treehouse features a start-of-the-art biometric security system with fingerprint locks and a CCTV system. The CCTV system controls no less than 5 ultra sharp, colour night vision cameras, which can zoom in or out, record footage and take pictures from the “control center”.


High Tech Hideaway - Blue Forest - Treehouse Retreat - Interior 2 - Humble Homes

If the cool high-tech gadgets aren’t enough to whet your appetite, the treehouse also contains some more mundane features, such as a kitchenette, bathroom and an entertainment room that’s kitted out with a plasma TV, game consoles and digital photo frames.

High Tech Hideaway - Blue Forest - Treehouse Retreat - Exterior - Humble Homes

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Photos: Blue Forest

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