Alan’s Apartment – A Renovation Project by EO Arquitectura from Barcelona

This apartment, like yesterday’s, can be found in the Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona. The 700 square foot property (65 square meters), dubbed Alan’s Apartment, has been restored and updated by EO Arquitectura.


Alan's Apartment Renovation - EO arquitectura - Spain - Living Area - Humble Homes

As is common among these properties, the internals were divided up into a series of small poky rooms, most of which didn’t have a source of natural light. Introducing natural light, and opening up the floor plan to create larger more functional rooms was a priority for the designers.


Alan's Apartment Renovation - EO arquitectura - Spain - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The revised layout features a partial open plan between the living room and kitchen/dining space; all the other existing partition walls were removed. To help promote the sense of spaciousness and light, the walls and ceilings have been finished in white.


Alan's Apartment Renovation - EO arquitectura - Spain - Study Area - Humble Homes

The floors and furniture pieces are largely made of (or finished in) oak, preventing the otherwise white finish from becoming overpowering. Many of the existing features – such as the original joinery and ceiling mouldings – have been restored. From the architects: “Both, traditional and technical materials are painted in white, which improved natural light and gave the apartment an homogeneous and timeless atmosphere.”

Alan's Apartment Renovation - EO arquitectura - Spain - Bedroom - Humble Homes

With the new layout in place, the entrance now leads into a corridor that connects the kitchen/dining room to the master bedroom. The two rooms are separated by a bathroom and a walk-in closet (found in the bedroom). The living room is found to the very front of the property, and features large traditional windows that overlook the street below.

Alan's Apartment Renovation - EO arquitectura - Spain - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

A small balcony is also accessible from the bedroom. Based on the floor plan it looks like it’s partially enclosed or sheltered. All in all, it’s a slick, stylish renovation but I’m sure it didn’t come cheap given the amount of work carried out to open up those load bearing walls and the overall quality of finish.

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Photos: Adria Goula

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  1. Awesome! Are there actual photos?How much would it cost to buy the plan and have it. Built so it is completely portable in Andalucia, Spain?