Ago Architects Design a Family Home for a Site That’s Just 12-Feet Wide

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Titled 3500 Millimeter House, this home from Jakarta in Indonesia occupies a site that’s just 11.48-feet (3.5-meters) wide. The house was designed by local firm Ago Architects (who also happen to be the owners).



Ago wrapped up the project in late 2018, leaving him, his wife and child with a multistory family home that lives up to their needs, despite the constraints of the site.



All told, 3500 Millimeter House contains three floors and a roof top deck. The floors give it a combined internal area in the region of 1,076.39-square-feet (100-square-meters).


The House is an unexpected and exciting spatial experience that survives the limits of our ordinary living spaces. – Ago Architects


The first floor of the home contains the master bedroom with a large area for storage and clothing, complete with its own bathroom. The second floor serves as the main shared living area, with a kitchen, dining area and living room.

Affordability and Compactness is a value that the building successfully owns by integrating well-thought space experience, storage systems, and low-cost strategies – Ago Architects


The third floor contains the children’s bedroom and is smaller in size due to the receding floor. Like the previous floors it’s kitted out with its own toilet. The final level of the home takes you up to the roof deck, a generous area that overlooks the city.

3500 Millimetre house is a search of an aspiration towards giving a solution to the way of compact way of living – Ago Architects


Photos © Kafin Noe’man

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