Add A New Living Space – Garden Rooms by 3rdSpace

Garden living units are most often used as home offices, or as a guest bedroom, but this small modern garden room by 3rdSpace from the UK is being used as a home library.


Garden Rooms by 3rdSpace

The library was designed for an Oxfordshire literature professor who needed a space that was capable of storing their collection of books. It also acts as a quiet, isolated nook for reading or studying. The size of the prefabricated flat-pack structure allows it to be assembled without the need for a building permit. If the owner should ever decide to move, the library can be disassembled and transported to the new site with ease.


Garden Rooms by 3rdSpace

Once the building arrived at the client’s home, it took just 5 days to complete construction (including the interior finish and shelving). The exterior is clad with what looks like charred vertical timbers; a Japanese technique used to create durable wood siding. The interior features two walls dedicated to the storage of the owners books with their floor-to-ceiling shelves. The front side wall is completely glazed, providing more than ample lighting.


Garden Rooms by 3rdSpace

3rdSpace’s method of construction allows them to tailor the units to the needs of the client. Clients are able to choose not only how they want the space to look, but can also adjust the size and arrangement of the unit(s) to create a home/living space that’s customized to their needs.

Garden Rooms by 3rdSpace

The structure is based on modular design (much like Humble Homes’ own MPOD design) that allows them to achieve the degree of tailoring and customization needed for each client. The price for 3rdSpace’s living units start from £13,000 ($24,000). If the price is too steep, you could save on the build costs by creating your own.

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