A Writer’s Lofted Retreat in Dorset by Nozimi Nakabayashi

Nozimi Nakabayashi has designed this tiny hut on stilts for a client in Dorset, the UK. The client, who is a writer, wanted a space that would allow them to rest and escape from day-to-day life. Like treehouses, the hut contains an element of whimsy and fairytale.


Tiny Hut on Stilts - Nozomi Nakabayashi - Dorset England - Exterior Front - Humble Homes

The hut is 8.2-by-8.2 feet (2.5-by-2.5 meters) in size, giving it a total floor area of 67 square feet (6.25 square meters). It features two living areas – the first being the wood deck set just above ground level, and the other being the main body of the hut.


Tiny Hut on Stilts - Nozomi Nakabayashi - Dorset England - Exterior Back - Humble Homes

To create the getaway Nakabayashi had the majority of its components prefabricated offsite. They were then delivered to the writer’s site, and erected using a crane. Once the heavy lifting had been completed, they were able to carry out with remainder of the work with a team of two people, and battery-powered tools.


Tiny Hut on Stilts - Nozomi Nakabayashi - Dorset England - Entry - Humble Homes

The entire structure is supported by four reclaimed telephone poles. The exterior of the hut features locally-sourced western red cedar, and Douglas fir framing. It’s also been insulated with cork, and has corrugated sheeting for the roof.

Tiny Hut on Stilts - Nozomi Nakabayashi - Dorset England - Interior - Humble Homes

A small ladder provides access from the lower deck to the upper level. A small balcony protrudes from the main body of the retreat. You can enter the hut through a large set of patio doors. On the inside it contains a wood-burning stove, an area for sitting and a hidden bed.

Tiny Hut on Stilts - Nozomi Nakabayashi - Dorset England - Wood Burner - Humble Homes

In addition to the large patio doors and two windows, the hut also contains a lantern at its apex, brightening the space further. Its unusual shape, wood-burning stove and surrounding countryside location help to create a unique experience that’s sure to help anyone relax.

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Photos: Henrietta Williams

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  1. Now… plans for this I would LOVE to see… this little place intrigues me heaps.