A Woodland Writer’s Retreat in Brazil by Architectare

Set in Petrópolis, Brazil, this small rustic retreat has been designed as a writer’s getaway. Created by the Brazilian firm, Architectare, the building is immersed in the surrounding flora, providing a disconnect from the world beyond the woods.


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The building is composed of just 334 square feet (about 31 square meters) and, according to the architects, takes inspiration from the symbolism of caves: “The symbolism of the cave is very broad and diverse. It suggests shelter, self-knowledge, a return to basics, reflection, pregnancy, growth, freedom through thought and many other meanings.”


Writer’s Retreat - Tiny Retreat - Architectare - Brazil - Bedroom Glazing - Humble Homes

Lofty symbolism aside, the retreat is a contemporary building, finished inside and out in a way that’s sympathetic to its surroundings. The exterior (and interior) is clad with stone that was excavated onsite to make way for the building – you can’t get much more locally sourced than that.


Writer’s Retreat - Tiny Retreat - Architectare - Brazil - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The interior is finished in a mix of stone, dark wood, and white walls. The stone and wood help the retreat to form a relationship with the natural surroundings. The white walls, on the other hand, provide a visual break, and help to lighten the space up.

Writer’s Retreat - Tiny Retreat - Architectare - Brazil - Desk - Humble Homes

The getaways shape was determined by the irregular site. You’ll find a small but ample bathroom to the back of the building. Beyond this there’s a small entrance hall with a storage closet, sink and stove. The remainder of the interior is allocated to the bedroom and a small desk.

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No woodland home is complete without some sort of exterior space, and this one has a rather generously-sized veranda that overlooks the forest. The architects believe the getaway and its surroundings, will help stimulate the client’s creative endeavours: “The building is as much a shelter as it is an idea’s instigator.”

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Photos: Leonardo Finotti

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