A Tiny Writer’s Cottage in Norway by Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter

Created as a writer’s retreat, this angular garden studio can be found in Oslo, Norway. It’s been designed by local architects Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter for two professionals who wanted a getaway from their main home that would allow them to focus on their writing and work.


Small Writers Cottage - Jarmund Vigsnæs Arkitekter - Olslo Norway - Exterior - Humble Homes

Simply named the Writer’s Cottage, the garden studio was an alternative to purchasing a cottage in the countryside. Not only is the annex cheaper, but it also provides immediate access, as opposed to having to get in your car and drive however long to reach your rural retreat.


Small Writers Cottage - Jarmund Vigsnæs Arkitekter - Olslo Norway - Staircase - Humble Homes

Being set in a suburban residential area, one of the main challenges faced by the architects was how to recreate that sense of freedom and nature that is often depicted with idyllic countryside getaways. The annex is set on the edge of a north-facing slope that overlooks a railway station, dense shrubbery, and trees below.


Small Writers Cottage - Jarmund Vigsnæs Arkitekter - Olslo Norway - Writing Desk - Humble Homes

The north face of the building features floor-to-ceiling glazing to make the most of the available views, and to provide ample natural light for the interior. So as not to obstruct the view, the writing desk placed in front of the window is made entirely from glass.

Small Writers Cottage - Jarmund Vigsnæs Arkitekter - Olslo Norway - Glass Table - Humble Homes

To minimize the light intake from the south, the building narrows and features two much smaller glazed openings (the entrance door, and an awning window in the loft). Unlike the stark exterior appearance, the interior is much warmer; it’s lined with wood walls and ceilings, carpet on the floor, and features some “shaggy” furnishings.

Small Writers Cottage - Jarmund Vigsnæs Arkitekter - Olslo Norway - Loft - Humble Homes

The Writers Cottage is split into two levels. The first floor acts as the main writing/study space with the glass desk and bookshelves incorporated into a timber staircase. The upper level acts as a retreat, overlooking the main workspace below, behind a zig-zaging rope that acts as a barrier.

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Photos: Jonas Adolfsen

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  1. Can someone tell me what type of roofing material was used on this project and how the drainage and roof ventilation systems work Thanks

  2. Interesting. I was not sure whether the storage boxes I saw that lead upstairs were just for storage or be used as a staircase also. I am glad to see that a staircase if built and storage is built underneath. I was thankful that I did not have to climb up on the storage blocks to get upstairs. HaHa. Have a built up where the desk is also at least 3 ft to give the person in the chair some privacy whether they are taking off their shoes or some other piece of clothing to get more comfortable. Below the waist should be hid and not open to the world.