A Tiny House Hotel

Today we’re off to France to check out Carré d’étoiles – a hotel company of sorts that has mini prefab homes to help you get away from it all. The tiny houses (which can be transported by flatbed trailer) are just 3 meters (9.98 feet) by 3 meters and almost the same in height. 


Each tiny cube is capable of sleeping up to 4 people, and also contains all the amenities you will need during your stay – bathroom, kitchen, living room with a TV and of course, a telescope! These tiny homes were designed to take advantage of their rural location: Carré d’étoiles means ‘box of stars’ when translated, and each home contains a telescope and a transparent dome skylight above the lofted bed, allowing you to make the most of any stargazing!>

Louis and Nathalie Blanco – the creators of these prefab homes – have been involved and working towards producing new concepts and ideas for sustainable tourism initiatives that help to get travellers closer to nature. One of their previous ventures, les Roulottes de Campagne, is similar to Carre d’Etoile except instead of prefab homes they used mobile trailers, similar in appearance to vardo’s. 


For $30,900, these aren’t the cheapest tiny houses we’ve ever seen, but the price tag does include all transport to the site and marketing (assuming that they’re going to be used as vacation rentals).

Via Fair Companies


Niall Burke

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