A Tiny Family Home in Vietnam That’s Set on a 2.5 Meter Wide Plot

Vietnamese architecture firm Khuon Studio recently completed this tiny house in Ho Chi Minh. The project has been named the 2.5 House, which is derived from its site – the house is set on a narrow strip of land that was previously an alleyway and measures 2.5-by-6.5 meters (or 8.2-by-21 feet).


2.5 House - Khuon Studio - Vietnam - Exterior - Humble Homes

The house had to accommodate 3 people; two adults and a young child. One of the most challenging aspects of the project was how to create a sense of comfort in such a small space for the growing family. One approach was to incorporate clever concealed storage units, so as to maintain the openness as much as possible.


2.5 House - Khuon Studio - Vietnam - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The interior of the house is quite light and bright thanks to the combination of carefully considered windows and skylights, that are support by artificial lighting. I feel some small houses go to far on the use of white, but here it’s not as overbearing thanks to the widespread use of wood throughout the home.


2.5 House - Khuon Studio - Vietnam - Living Area - Humble Homes

The ground floor incorporates a number of functions. It has a space that’s dedicated to their motorbike, a small kitchen and dining area, as well as a bathroom. The floor of the kitchen/dining area has been raised to provide storage underneath, and the dining table can be dropped down leaving it flush with the floor.

2.5 House - Khuon Studio - Vietnam - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The next level up contains the bedroom, a second bathroom, and a free space from which you can access the small balcony. The bedroom floor, like the kitchen, is raised to provide storage. The third and final floor contains an empty room which can be used as a study or second bedroom. It contains a closet, and a quiet space for worship.

2.5 House - Khuon Studio - Vietnam - Floor Plans - Humble Homes

The balcony and area under it are used to create a small garden space that’s separated from the main street by a perforated concrete wall.

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Photos: Thiet Vu

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  1. this is really impressive. the design is attractive and functional. even a place to park and a tiny outdoor garden,….. it covers all the bases

  2. I like it. and it even has a railing for the stairs. I also like the storage bin with the bedroom and kitchen/diningroom area but especially if someone was injured or the elderly, need to possibly a step stool or several small steps for someone to including young children to step on to go inside the bedroom or kitchen/dining room area and leave without tripping or hurting themselves. I definitely would like to have seen more pictures of all the rooms including the space for their motorbike. How big is that area.

  3. I really like the design and the combination of wood and white surfaces. My only concern is that according to the floor plan drawings they would store their scooter beside the stairs inside that front door. I’ve owned and ridden scooters for years, and keeping them in a small enclosed space like that can certainly make it smell like gasoline and exhaust fumes. Hopefully they’ve figured a way to get the stink out – or perhaps they don’t actually keep it in there very often. I’m older, and while I could certainly step down to sit at the pop-up kitchen table, I would need some assistance of some form to step back up out of there. The storage under the bedroom is a great idea, and I would also put storage under the mattress itself, raising it up off of the floor again to accommodate me. Overall an excellent job – well done!