A Smart Tiny House by Kyle Schuneman and Intel

Designer Klye Schuneman has created this smart tiny house in collaboration with Intel. The house is set in San Francisco and features a host of hi-tech wizardry aimed at automating and simplifying the inhabitants life.


Intel IOT Smart Tiny House - Kyle Schuneman - San Francisco - Exterior - Humble Homes

The house makes of smart devices – items and appliances which commonly found in most households, but are internet enabled, allowing you to interact, control and receive feedback on your smartphone or computer. Being created with the help of Intel, this tiny house takes it a step further than most.


Intel IOT Smart Tiny House - Kyle Schuneman - San Francisco - Living Area - Humble Homes

Dubbed the Smart Tiny House, it makes use of Intel’s Internet of Things Platform. The IoT Platform allows you to adjust the thermostat, open the door for deliveries, change the color and brightness of lighting, all from your phone. It can even detect a leaking pipe and automatically turn off the taps.


Intel IOT Smart Tiny House - Kyle Schuneman - San Francisco - Kitchen- Humble Homes

Some of the technological aspects are still under development, like the door which opens using facial recognition to open automatically, but Intel have stated it’s an on-going process that will be refined over time.

Intel IOT Smart Tiny House - Kyle Schuneman - San Francisco - Living Area 2 - Humble Homes

In terms of space and layout, the home is open plan and features a large multifunctional living area that can accommodate cooking, dining, seating and sleeping. A slide out bed has been hidden under a raised floor at one end of the home (like our own Athru tiny house design).

Intel IOT Smart Tiny House - Kyle Schuneman - San Francisco - Study Nook - Humble Homes

The bathroom is found next to the raised study area. All in all the house contains 210 square feet of living space. Thanks to it largely being a single room, and the surrounding windows, it doesn’t look cramped or claustrophobic. Its size also allows it to be transported by trailer.

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Photos: Mike Chino

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  1. It needs more storage space. Where is the closet space? It looks like a trailer but too small. I would the option to have more storage available and the appliances are too small. More pictures also.

  2. Looks to me like the closet is just to the right of the bathroom as you are walking toward the bathroom.

    I love this design. What are the dimensions?

  3. The original Minim house is 10’8″ x 22′ externally “with approximately 210 feet of interior space” according to the website minimhomes.com. This would appear to be the same size.