A Small Parisian Apartment Gets A Curvaceous Makeover

The design studio Julien Joly Architecture were responsible for overhauling this small angular apartment in Paris, into a curvaceous modern home. The redesign took place back in 2013, and since its completion the apartment is estimated to be worth (pre-tax) in region of 100,000 Euros, or $107,700 (although it’s location is likely a large factor in that valuation).


Home Renovation - Small Apartment - Julien Joly Architecture - Paris - Timber Slat Partitions - Humble Homes

The apartment is just 592 square feet in size (55 square meters). Julien Joly Architecture were brought in by the client to help give the apartment interior a facelift, while also improving the natural daylighting and ventilation of the space at the same time.


Home Renovation - Small Apartment - Julien Joly Architecture - Paris - Living Areas - Humble Homes

The living areas in the apartment have been defined with a series of timber partitions that filter light, and provide varying degrees of privacy, depending on their purpose. According to the architects, none of the wood used is veneer, but real spruce that helps bring a degree of warmth to the modern interior.


Home Renovation - Small Apartment - Julien Joly Architecture - Paris - Study - Humble Homes

The entire apartment is lit by three large windows, one in the bedroom and the other two in the main living area. During the revamp, the kitchen was moved to the rear of the property in order to provide the bedroom with better lighting, ventilation, and views.

Home Renovation - Small Apartment - Julien Joly Architecture - Paris - Bathroom - Humble Homes

Upon entering the apartment, you’re faced with two partitions. The first, to your right, is the bathroom, the other is the bedroom. The bathroom separates the toilet from the shower and sink, and both are accessed through separate doors, allowing people to use the facilities at the same time.

Home Renovation - Small Apartment - Julien Joly Architecture - Paris - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The bedroom makes use of its partition walls to provide a number of storage closets. The main living area is occupied by a dining and living room. A small study space is provided between the living room and kitchen, and makes use of the spruce slats to filter out distractions. The kitchen is a simple affair, tucked away in a corner. There’s also a large exterior terrace that wraps around the front of the building.

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Photos: Julien Fernandez

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  1. at long last someone figured out that you don’t need walls – the furniture can become separators..

  2. When entering the apartment the bathroom partition is to your left, not to your right. That’s where the bedroom partition is. I like the efficient use of the limited space. Thank you for sharing this. I enjoy your posts.
    Duke J. Hartog