A Small, Funky Japanese House

Tokyo, Japan is ranked as the worlds most populated city, with 34 million inhabitants squeezed into an area of just 8000 square kilometers. As a result, land/housing in Tokyo is at a premium and people are finding themselves living in and building smaller homes to help offset the costs. This small, rather oddly shaped house was designed by Atelier Tekuto, and with a total floor space of 480 square feet, it’s a cosy little home in a mega-city of towering skyscrapers and apartment blocks.


The architect, Yasuhiro Yamashita, designed the house so as to appear as though it had been crushed and crammed into it’s small lot – hence it being named, ‘Reflection of a Mineral House’. The odd exterior form is mirrored on the interior, which is full of unusual twists and folds. The home is finished in a minimalist white palette and with wood floors throughout; the intention being to keep the focus on the form of the home.

The Mineral House


The Mineral House Kitchen

The Mineral House Living Area


The Mineral House Bathroom

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Niall Burke

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