A Small Contemplative Forest Retreat by Tomek Michalski

Polish designer Tomek Michalski has created this quiet forest cabin. The contemplative cabin is set within the depths of a forest in Poland, and is the designer’s first expedition into the world of architecture.


Small Forest Cabin - Tomek Michalski - Poland - Exterior - Humble Homes

The cabin features a sharp polygonal form, which, according to Michalski, helps to reduce its impact on the surrounding woodland. It’s been designed to accommodate 2 – 3 people, serving as a retreat; a quiet place where you can escape day-to-day life.


Small Forest Cabin - Tomek Michalski - Poland - Seating - Humble Homes

The exterior is clad in black panels (what material they’re made from is anybody’s guess) and is punctured by several large windows on both the sides and roof of the structure. The interior, by contrast, is much lighter and is finished entirely in sheets of plywood.


Small Forest Cabin - Tomek Michalski - Poland - Kitchenette - Humble Homes

The plywood not only serves as a finish for the floors, walls and ceilings, but also forms part of the furniture. This seamless integration makes it almost seem like the fixtures have grown out from the building itself. The main living area features two large floor-to-ceiling windows on either side, acting as viewing platforms for the misty forest beyond.

Small Forest Cabin - Tomek Michalski - Poland - Window View - Humble Homes

The first floor of the cabin is occupied by a sofa (placed in the very centre of the building), a small kitchenette on one side, and a small bathroom and storage unit on the other. It doesn’t look like there’s any way to close off the toilet from the main living area.

Small Forest Cabin - Tomek Michalski - Poland - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

A set of ladders provides access to a sleeping loft that’s lit by a skylight window, and another large window in the side wall. Its simple minimalist design, and the fact that its focus is on the exterior environment, help to make it a contemplative and relaxing space.

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Photos: Tomek Michalski

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  1. Beautiful design. I love how compact it is yet spacious, due to the windows mostly. If it could fit a shower and kitchen, it would be a perfect home.

  2. If one was cooped up for a few months in winter, that wavy grain wood would drive you crazy.