A Small Apartment Revamp in Bucharest by Ahaa

This apartment in Romania underwent a transformation from dark, cramped rooms, to a bright and spacious open plan home. Set in the city of Bucharest, the redesign was handled by a local architecture firm called Ahaa.


Under the Attic - ahaa - Romania - Kitchen and Dining - Humble Homes

The apartment revamp took place back in 2013 when the client, a 30-year old with an active social and professional life, enlisted the help of Ahaa. The original layout featured two bedrooms and a bathroom connected to the kitchen by a long central corridor.


Under the Attic - ahaa - Romania - Kitchen - Humble Homes

With 797 square feet (74 square meters) to work with, and an unusual, awkward floor plan, the apartment proved to be a bit of a challenge. To complicate things further for themselves, Ahaa wanted to maintain a connection to the outside spaces at all times, regardless of which room you are in.


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To create a suitable layout they removed the partition wall between the bedrooms, creating a single, much larger master bedroom, and moved the bathroom. The living and dining areas are found to the very front of the property, bathed in light from the large windows.

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The dining and living room are divided by the kitchen, which extends down into the central hallway of the home. The bathroom has also been split up into a number of separate areas to allow for simultaneous use by two people. To “absorb the irregularities of the floor plan”, custom-built furniture has been incorporated, and lies flush with the walls for minimal interruption.

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Access to a small unfinished loft is gained through a wooden ladder in the kitchen area. Throughout the home there are three basic finishes: grey concrete floors, white walls, and warm timber for furnishings and storage.

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