A Rustic Solar-Powered Teardrop Camper from Homegrown Trailers

This rustic teardrop trailer has been designed and built by Corey Weathers. Not so long ago Corey set out to find a camper that was functional and environmentally friendly. It turns out that the market had relatively little to offer in the way of “green” campers, so he decided create his own.


Homegrown Trailers - Teardrop Trailer - Washington - Exterior with Car - Humble Homes

The handcrafted travel trailer gained plenty of attention online and lead to Corey, along with Eric Gertsman and Kimberly Briar, founding Homegrown Trailers. The company is now focusing on producing sustainable campers for the masses, and, should you be interested, they’ve set up an Indiegogo campaign aimed at funding their next series of tiny travel trailers. Update: It looks like the campaign is over, but you can still rent/purchase a unit from their website.


Homegrown Trailers - Teardrop Trailer - Washington - Entrance - Humble Homes

Corey’s first model is clad with FSC wood, makes use of locally sourced and renewable materials, and features an 800-watt solar array to power the unit regardless of how far into the wild you stray (just be sure to avoid forests). He chose the teardrop shape because of its aerodynamic form.


Homegrown Trailers - Teardrop Trailer - Washington - Living Area - Humble Homes

The size and shape of the camper also allows it to be stored with ease in most garages. Weighing around 3,000 lbs also makes it less cumbersome than most tiny houses on wheels or larger RVs. A pop-up roof has been employed so as to maximize the interior space when in use.

Homegrown Trailers - Teardrop Trailer - Washington - Dining Area and Kitchen - Humble Homes

According to Homegrown Trailers, the on-board batteries are capable of providing power for up to 5 days, without extra charging from the solar array. In terms of size it measures 18 by 7.4 feet and is 6.9 feet tall (5.4 x 2.25 x 6.1 meters respectively). The total floor area amounts to just 94 square feet (8.7 square meters).

Homegrown Trailers - Teardrop Trailer - Washington - Sink - Humble Homes

The trailer can sleep up to 4 people through the use of a pull-out bed and a bunk-bed. The kitchen has been kitted out with Energy Star appliances (which is vital when living off of stored electric) and makes use of LED lighting. The companies slogan reads “Roam Freely, Tread Lightly”, which it lives up to pretty well. And while towing a 3,000 lb trailer around isn’t exactly environmentally friendly, if you’re going to do it you might as well try and minimize your impact.

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  1. It’s nice and unique, but the choice of materials is pretty heavy for something towed around. I wonder if a different solution might be to find an existing trailer in fair condition and renovate

  2. interesting especially around here with a lot of rv parking. But I do like the rv better so that you just can get up and go. Just thought of this to ask. If a car is pulling a trailer, how big can the trailer and what items can be put into it easily with no problems with the car or the trailer?

  3. Hi Mary, the easiest way to find out is to go online to “CampingWorld.Com” look at a trailer & at the top of the page you will see: “Is it Towable?” Click on that & it will ask you for your make & model, then it will tell you what it can handle. Also, there should be information in your cars door jam, telling you its weight limit it can carry. (Hope this helps!)