A Not So Tiny, Tiny House by Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins

For a lot of people a tiny house (particularly those mounted on a trailer) is just too small, especially if there’s going to be more than just yourself and your partner living in it.


Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins, an Idaho-based builder, specializes in creating slightly larger tiny houses. They provide people with a little more elbow room to accommodate their lifestyles, like this property which is occupied by a young family and their dog.



The house contains around 400 square feet (37 square meters) of living space – double the size of your average tiny house on wheels. It has a footprint measuring 12-by-28 feet (3.7-by-8.5 meters). At that size it falls into the category of a park model RV. This means it can be transported from one place to another by semi-truck (although this is usually infrequent with homes of this size).



Adding a few extra feet to the length and width of the home has allowed them to better cater for the needs of the owners. The main living space is a brightly lit area that’s open to the shed roof above. Large square picture and clerestory windows keep the home bright and airy, adding to the sense of spaciousness.


One of the gable end walls is dedicated to a galley kitchen, with the stove and refrigerator set at opposite ends and the sink in between the two. The living room is big enough for a sofa, an armchair and a coffee table. The TV and some shelving has been mounted onto the partition wall of the bathroom/baby’s bedroom.


The bathroom is kitted out with a shower, sink and a composting toilet. Back in the living area, a staircase (with a washer/dryer and storage underneath) leads up to a loft. The loft is cozy but has enough space for a double bed and storage for clothing. It’s also flanked on two sides by windows that draw in plenty of light.


The cost for the base model of this home is a very reasonable $45,000. There are also a host of options available so you can customize and kit-out your home as you see fit.

For more tiny houses check out this build from France called Odyssee by Baluchon. Or, SHED, an owner-built tiny house that strives for simplicity. See all tiny houses.

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