A Micro Housing Module Built By Prison Inmates

The Freedom Room is a low-cost micro housing module that was designed with the help of inmates from an Italian prison. Measuring a mere 4 x 2.7 meters, the module has a kitchen, living room, closet, bathroom, storage room, workspace and a gym (yup, even a gym!).



The Freedom Room was built by Cibic Workshop and Comodo, and explores the usage of small living spaces with multifunctional furniture, in an attempt to gauge how it could be improved, or developed for social housing, hostels, temporary shelters and jail cells.


The high security prison in Spoleto, Italy, features a large carpentry shop where inmates build furniture for other facilities. Cibic Workshop and Comodo approached the prisons carpenters for their advice and ideas on how to make the most of a 10.8 square meter (116 square feet) living space.

The Freedom Room was featured in the 2013 Triennale di Milano as an example for the redesign and development of budget micro-housing.

Via Inhabitat

Niall Burke

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