A Listed Apartment in Tel-Aviv Gets a Modern Makeover for a Family of 5

Set in Rothschild Boulevard in Tel-Aviv, this modern family apartment features a long and narrow layout, within a preserved listed building in the city.


The task of redesigning the property fell to Israeli architecture firm, XS Studio. The firm specialize in producing solutions for small spaces, making them perfect for this job.



At 1,001-square-feet (93-square-meters), the apartment is on the large side. However, the floor area is spread out over a long narrow plan. There’s even a 30-foot (9-meters) long corridor, connecting the various rooms of the home. It’s layout lead the architects to title the project “Long and Slender”.



Like most properties, the apartment was originally made up of a series of partition and structural internal walls. The non-structural elements were removed in places to make way for a revised layout – the apartment had to cater for three child (each with their own bedroom) and two adults.


XS Studio managed to incorporate the three bedrooms by taking advantage of the apartments vertical space. The high ceilings made is possible to overlap two of the children’s bedrooms. A large wooden component has been built and slotted into what was previously a single bed room.


Along the corridor, the walls have been stripped back to reveal the brickwork. The old is contrasted by the new, with contemporary finishes lining the floors, walls and ceilings elsewhere. A modern kitchen/dining area has been introduced, with white and wood making up the bulk of the aesthetic (both here and throughout).


Aside from the living areas, there’s also a series of large wrap-around balconies to be found on three sides of the building.


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Photos © Gidon Levin

XS Studio for compact designXS Studio for compact design

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