A Collection of Small Larch Clad Buildings from Peterborough

Set in the district of Warmington in Peterborough, Northamptonshire, this collection of small buildings act as a retreat from a larger dwelling. The project is set on a site of 840 square feet (78 square meters) and was directed by local firm Ashworth Parkes Architects.


Garden Buildings Warmington - Ashworth Parkes Architects - UK - Exterior - Humble Homes

Before construction of the new studio could begin, they had to demolish a garage, garden store, and an old piggery. With the removal completed it took just a few months to reinstate the site with the new units. The result is a set of three structures, styled after agricultural buildings.


Garden Buildings Warmington - Ashworth Parkes Architects - UK - Living Room - Humble Homes

The units consist of a studio with catering facilities and a bathroom, a new garden storage area that includes an office to one end, and a carport with a small greenhouse. The studio is to be used by the owners as a weekend retreat from their main residence.


Garden Buildings Warmington - Ashworth Parkes Architects - UK - Living Room 2 - Humble Homes

The site itself is set on the threshold between the small village of Warmington and a meadow. The scenic countryside views have been taken advantage of through the use of large sliding patio doors and windows. On the outside, they’ve employed wooden larch shingles and corten steel for cladding, while the roofs are finished in corrugated aluminium.

Garden Buildings Warmington - Ashworth Parkes Architects - UK - View - Humble Homes

The inside of the studio also features a larch finish, but here it’s been treated with a lye and wax finish, allowing it to keep its color. The boards have been butt jointed, which will result in small cracks and openings over the different boards.

89 Site Plan

To prevent the space from being overburdened with wood, the cathedral ceiling has been plastered and painted white, while the floor looks to be finished in a polished concrete. The overall atmosphere looks to be that of a cozy country cottage.

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Photos: Justin Paget

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  1. From the photos there appears to be no provision for heating. It is England, after all.
    As for the design, a pity we haven’t a pic of the original old piggery for comparison.
    As ever, interesting offerings, thanks.