A 237 Square Foot Apartment in Warsaw by Utopia Studio

This tiny apartment in Warsaw has been redesigned with the help of Utopia Studio. The apartment is currently home to a mother, her child and their dog. All told, it contains a floor plan of just 237 square foot, and features some smart space saving ideas to make the home more liveable.


Small Apartment - Utopia Studio - Warsaw - Sleeping Unit - Humble Homes

The largest component in the apartment is the custom-built sleeping pod. By raising the bed they were able to introduce lots of storage space underneath for clothing and other items. It also features a rather nifty staircase with pull-out drawers incorporated into it.


Small Apartment - Utopia Studio - Warsaw - Storage Staircase - Humble Homes

Facing the sleeping area is the bathroom – the only section of the apartment to be partitioned off, the rest of the space is a single open plan area. The bathroom contains a shower, sink and toilet. There’s also a small laundry nook that can be closed off from the main bathroom itself, allowing both spaces to be used simultaneously.


Small Apartment - Utopia Studio - Warsaw - Living Area - Humble Homes

The remainder of the apartment is divided up between the kitchen, dining and living room. A window seat and storage has also been incorporated along the front wall, framing the homes source of natural light. The living area features a flexible furniture arrangement that can act as a single sofa, or be split up for a different layout.

Small Apartment - Utopia Studio - Warsaw - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The kitchen is small and simple. It contains a few kitchen cabinets, a sink, a two-burner cook top, and a refrigerator. To maximum on the amount of available work surfaces, there’s a fold-down cutting board that conceals the sink below.

Small Apartment - Utopia Studio - Warsaw - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

It looks like it’s been done on a reasonable budget, but with some inventive design they were able to make the most of this little space. All in all, this apartment by Utopia Studio is simple, functional and flexible.

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Photos: Gosia Góra

Niall Burke

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  1. This looks like a workable arrangement for such a small area. I like how there are stairs to the sleeping space, a pleasant change from the usual architect’s idea of practical — a ladder! How nice to see some human presence in these offerings of small homes.
    Thanks, Niall, for your work in compiling these habitations from all over the world.