A 236 Square Foot Apartment in Teipei by A Little Design

In Taipei, Taiwan, the rising cost of living and house prices is making smaller more affordable homes more desirable. This project involved converting a tiny old apartment into a functional home.


The redesign was undertaken by local firm, A Little Design, who were tasked with making the most of the 236 square foot (22 square meters) unit.

Tiny Apartment - A Little Design - Taipei Taiwan - Storage - Humble Homes


The small footprint forced the designers to come up with a number of creative space-saving solutions. Luckily, the apartment features relatively tall ceilings (about 10 feet tall), allowing them to incorporate a mezzanine loft for the bedroom, as well as extra storage units.

Tiny Apartment - A Little Design - Taipei Taiwan - Kitchen - Humble Homes


The entryway has a short hallway before leading into the kitchen. The kitchen is simple and compact and includes a washer/dryer, sink, under-counter fridge-freezer, and a two-burner cooktop. A few wall and base cabinets provide enough storage for the owner’s needs.

Tiny Apartment - A Little Design - Taipei Taiwan - Bathroom - Humble Homes

The bathroom is found opposite the kitchen. Like the other rooms in the home, white has been used to keep the space bright, despite only being lit by two small windows. Mirrors have also been used to help reflect the light deeper into the room.

Tiny Apartment - A Little Design - Taipei Taiwan - Living Room From Above - Humble Homes

The end of the kitchen is open to the living room. It has a built-in sofa along the gable end, and a bar table runs the length of the adjacent wall. If needed, the table can be moved to the center of the room, doubling up as a dining table to accommodate guests.

Tiny Apartment - A Little Design - Taipei Taiwan - Bedroom - Humble Homes

A library style rolling ladder provides access to a bookcase placed above the storage units, while a separate staircase allows access to the loft bedroom. There’s also a little floor desk located at the end of the bed.

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Niall Burke

Structural engineer by day, tiny house designer by night. Niall has a keen interest in small spaces, green design, and sustainability. He started developing Humble Homes while studying for his masters degree in engineering. He is the founder and managing editor of Humble Homes.

  1. Interesting… but, I think I like the one in the french city of Bordeaux(?) that was constructed inside of a defunct garage.

    You may have featured it here but I definitely saw it on tinyhousetalk.com run by Alex Pino.

  2. I like but I would have a better suggestion in that there would be a space the entire length of the shelves that you get to your books in your loft and not have to climb a ladder. It would be safer . I would possibly also raise the storage area for closet space and possibly put shelving unit no more then double or triple shelf along the bottom of wall with the same area at the top but have a area that a person could sit and look at storage area for books or dvd albums and railing so person would not fall down and hurt themselves.

    Railing across the bed area as you go up at the head of the bed. I possible would switch the bed around and have the head on the other wall and put it on blocks or nightstands or bookcases and have the railing across the wall is to protect the person climbing up into the room and give a little more privacy while sleeping.