A 1970s Florence Apartment Gets a White Makeover by Silvia Allori

This 1970’s era apartment has been given fresh new look thanks to Italian architect Silvia Allori. The property is set in Florence Italy and features a bright white laminate finish.


In this project Allori played both the designer and client – it functions as her both home and office.

Compact Studio Design - Silvia Allori - Florence Italy - Living Room - Humble Homes


As with most small space designers, Allori focused on creating functional, space-efficient living areas that could do double duty. Floor-to-ceiling storage units, a smart wall-shelving solution and clever multi-purpose furniture, all help to create a flexible home.

Compact Studio Design - Silvia Allori - Florence Italy - Living Room Front - Humble Homes


A white finish is found throughout the unit, only being broken up by the furnishings and a few of the fixtures. The ceiling features a series of white beams that run the length of the unit, partially reducing the apparent ceiling height. Whether this is purely for aesthetic reasons, or to hide unsightly duct work and electrical components is unclear (it’s probably a combination of both).

Compact Studio Design - Silvia Allori - Florence Italy - Living Room Sofa - Humble Homes

Another unusual but clever feature is the wall shelving in the living room – the walls have a number of cutouts that allow you to position shelf supports in a variety of arrangements.

Compact Studio Design - Silvia Allori - Florence Italy - Corridor - Humble Homes

From the entrance you walk into a small but adequate kitchen and dining area. Having less spacial and lighting requirements, the bathroom is found to the very back in the smallest portion of the apartment. The largest portion is dedicated to the living room/office space found to the front.

Compact Studio Design - Silvia Allori - Florence Italy - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

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  1. I would not be comfortable using this space as an office that received clients. The LR/office is too obviously also a bedroom. I have seen better use of space in some of the Tiny House blogs. I would go mad in this apt.