8 Apartments on a Small Plot by Be-Fun Design

This set of eight studio apartments in Isogo, Japan are set on a plot of just 98 square meters (1054 square feet). Designed by the architecture firm, Be-Fun Design, the apartments contain between 22 – 27 square meters of usable floor space (that’s about 237 – 291 square feet).


Isogo House - Japanese House - Be-Fun Design - Tsuyoshi Shindo - Roof Deck - Humble Homes

Be-Fun Design are no stranger to the design of small spaces; they were also responsible for the design of this apartment block, which features slightly larger rooms. Like their other works, the architects have incorporated spiral staircases and made use of stacked living spaces so as to maximise on the available floor area.


Isogo House - Japanese House - Be-Fun Design - Tsuyoshi Shindo - Kitchen - Humble Homes

Given the small plot of land the apartments had to be built within close vicinity to one another. Rather than seeing this as a restriction, Be-Fun Design attempted to open up the apartments and create a communal hub that would promote interaction between the different occupants.


Isogo House - Japanese House - Be-Fun Design - Tsuyoshi Shindo - Staircase - Humble Homes

In an attempt to promote relations between the different occupants, the site features common areas that can be used as places of gathering, or to relax. Additionally, each building has its own roof-top terrace, where privacy has been purposely forgone.

Isogo House - Japanese House - Be-Fun Design - Tsuyoshi Shindo - Living Room - Humble Homes

On the inside, privacy has been maintained through the placement of windows, and the arrangement of rooms. Each building block is home to two apartments, with living areas wrapped around one another. In some of the apartments the bedroom is found in a basement below the living room. In others it can be found within the double height space of the living room on a mezzanine level. In both cases the bedroom is accessed by a step ladder.

Isogo House - Japanese House - Be-Fun Design - Tsuyoshi Shindo - Section - Humble Homes

The layout is really quite clever, and the fact they managed to fit eight homes into a space which would typical occupy a single dwelling is testament to its ingenious arrangement.

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Photos: Hiroyuki Hirai

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