270 Square Foot Paris Apartment by A+B Kesha that Costs €695,000

This beautifully finished apartment has been created by the Paris-based real estate and design firm, A+B Kasha. The one bedroom apartment measures just 270 square feet (25 square meters) in size, and is set on the top floor of a 19th-century building in Paris.


Tiny Apartment - A+B Kesha - Paris - Living Area - Humble Homes

Most designers shy away from such decorative mouldings in small spaces, however this apartment has the setting for them and the ceiling height. The revamp pays tribute to the style and finish that would have been originally found in the building, with a few modern twists.


Tiny Apartment - A+B Kesha - Paris - Sofa - Humble Homes

A large mirror is used to bounce light around the room, while also visually increasing the size of the space. The furniture pieces are either mid-century modern, or contemporary in style. The decorative walls, mix of furniture styles and wood flooring all come together to create a light, relaxed atmosphere.


Tiny Apartment - A+B Kesha - Paris - Kitchen - Humble Homes

During the course of the project, they added a few partition walls to separate the bathroom, and create a bedroom. Having a separate space to sleep makes it seem more like permanent home, as opposed to a studio arrangement, which often have an air of impermanence about them.

Tiny Apartment - A+B Kesha - Paris - Bedroom - Humble Homes

In terms of layout, a small entry hallway provides access to either the bathroom on the right, or the main living area on the left. The bathroom contains a shower, sink, and toilet. The living area is an open plan space designed to serve as a kitchen, dining area, and living room.

Tiny Apartment - A+B Kesha - Paris - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

Double doors lead through to the bedroom. The doors are flanked by clothes closets on each side. The windows overlook the rooftops of St. Germain and out towards the Eiffel tower. If you’re taken with the apartment, it’s on sale for a mere €695,000.

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Photos: A+B Kasha

Niall Burke

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  1. The kitchen (cuisine) puzzles me. I can see the sink with a small counter to the right, and underneath, the dishwasher (LV) and the fridge (FR), but where does one cook? Or is the plan missing something?
    Otherwise, très parisienne, très chic!

  2. Many small homes use portable electric cooktops. We used to all them hot plates. This is more versatile than installing some sort of countertop stove.

  3. Look at the schematic plan. See the 2 dark circles? Thems whats known a cooking elements. So, cooking facility provided albeit without an oven. But one could always have a portable oven ala Easycook… see: http://www.easycook.com.au/

  4. Are you for real? Over a million kiwi dollars for a 270 sq ft one bedroom apartment!!! That is OTT in anyone’s arithmatic

  5. Mike Friend, I quite agree with you, but bear in mind for that price you do get a nifty two burner cooktop (thanks Paul for pointing out what I should have seen, had it not been for being dazzled by the sticker price;-) on which to produce your gourmet meals.

  6. Hey Mike, as a Kiwi myself that doesn’t seem too far out of the ordinary… for Auckland these days anyway. But hey, it is Gay Pareee is it not?

  7. Heck Michael, thought you’d been “blinded by the white.” Apologies to Bruce Springsteen/Manfred Mann for the p*ss take.