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The bustling city of Berlin isn’t the typical landscape in which you’d expect to find a treehouse, but The Urban Treehouse think it’s the perfect location for an unusual city break. Set in a quiet street lined with family houses, Urban Treehouse commissioned Baumraum to build a series of modern lofted retreats.

Urban Treehouse Berlin - Baumraum - Germany - Exterior - Humble Homes

According to the owners, the treehouses are an alternative to building a standard suburban house. Instead of cutting down the existing trees and greenery, they decided to work around them. The result is a private space that seems cut-off from the surrounding city, but yet is only minutes away from local amenities, shopping and entertainment.

Urban Treehouse Berlin - Baumraum - Germany - Kitchen & Bathroom - Humble Homes

The treehouses themselves are available for rent on a short and long-term basis. Urban Treehouse is aiming to provide an alternative form of accommodation that will perhaps make people think twice about how much do they really need.

Urban Treehouse Berlin - Baumraum - Germany - Kitchen - Humble Homes

Each treehouse is supported by a steel frame on top of which the wood frame living units are fastened. Each module is 28 square meters (300 square feet) in size, and is set 4 meters (13 feet) off of the ground level so you can live amongst forest canopy.

Urban Treehouse Berlin - Baumraum - Germany - Living and Dining Area - Humble Homes

As usual, Baumraum has applied a stunning modern finish both inside and out. The exterior features a crisp cladding system made up of what looks like metal sheeting and timber siding. Each of the treehouses is also accessed by a suspended steel staircase that’s supported by the trees themselves.

Urban Treehouse Berlin - Baumraum - Germany - Bedroom- Humble Homes

The interiors are clean and bright thanks to the large windows and contain a storage closet, kitchenette, bathroom, and a living and dining area. The living room seating doubles as a sleeping space (it looks like the furniture is rearranged to create a bed). Renting a treehouse will set you back €160 per night, €828 per week or €2328 per month (that’s $214, $1109, and $3116 respectively).

For more treehouses by Baumraum check out Treehouse Solling a modern retreat set in a forest. Or the Riverview Treehouse which looks over the city of Freudenberg and the Main river valley. See all treehouses.

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