Called the Hobbit Hutch, this quaint little vardo-esque caravan has been designed and built by James Magnum as a writer/artist studio. The tiny house is only 56 square feet in size and features a variety of bright and colorful elements. When James and his wife, Sidney, aren’t using the creative getaway it doubles as a guest house for their grandchildren.

Hobbit Hutch - Writers Studio - Jim Magnum - Humble Homes

Set in Bastrop, Texas, the structure of the Hobbit Hutch was built on tractor trailer that measures just 8-by-5 feet. The overall footprint of the house/studio has been extended through the addition of the small 20-square-foot porch at the entrance. The house is also fully insulated to protect it, and its inhabitants from cold spells.

Hobbit Hutch - Writers Studio - Interior - Jim Magnum - Humble Homes

The front end of the Hobbit Hutch contains a mini kitchen with a variety of small appliances including a coffee maker, a small cooler and a gravity fed sink. At the back end of the house you’ll find a pull-out dining table, placed in front of a raised bed. Jalousie windows surround the bed/seating area providing natural ventilation and lighting. There also appears to be a small wall-mounted AC unit to help maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

Hobbit Hutch - Writers Studio - Kitchen - Jim Magnum - Humble Homes

After completing the majority of the interior, James and Sidney have decided to incorporate an outdoor propane-powered shower and a cassette toilet (commonly found in RV’s and boats). The shower curtain will provide privacy for both the shower and the toilet. They also plan to hide the toilet in a colorful plywood bench, making it a little more inconspicuous.

Hobbit Hutch - Writers Studio - Table - Jim Magnum - Humble Homes

The interior is as colorful and imaginative as the exterior. You’ll find homey items like the faux wood-burning stove, and a variety of textures and fabrics – there’s even a black chandelier hanging over the dining table. The aim for James and Sidney is to create a tiny space that’s totally self-contained and can serve a variety of functions. All told, the cost of the Hobbit Hutch amounts to around $4,000. Not bad at all if you ask me.

Hobbit Hutch - Writers Studio - Bed - Jim Magnum - Humble Homes

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Photos submitted by James Magnum