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The Nook Tiny House

With a footprint of just 6′-5″ by 10′, the Nook is a tiny, tiny house. Designed for those that are looking to go truly small, this house makes for a great retreat or getaway cabin, and it’s size also makes it super transportable.

  • Functional kitchen, living area, dining area, and bathroom spaces
  • Features an alternating tread staircase, which doubles as storage space
  • Sleeping loft is capable of accommodating a queen-size mattress

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The Nook is our tiniest house to date. The first floor has a framing footprint of just 6′-5″ x 10″ and the sleeping loft has an area of 7′-5″ x 11′. All told, this house has a total of 119-square-feet of space. It’s size makes it not only cheaper to construct, but also cheaper to tow due to the reduced weight. This home was also designed for those that have travel in mind – it’s size makes it much easier for you to tow from one destination to another, and it can also be assembled onto a single axle trailer making it more manoeuvrable than a tandem axle trailer.

Multifunctional Living Area
The Nook features a multifunctional living area due to it’s size – your kitchen is your living room, and your living room is your dinning area. The home is heated by a small stainless steel fireplace, as seen in the picture, and adequate natural lighting and ventilation are provided for by the windows surrounding the ground floor of the home.

The kitchen contains a 2-burner cook-top, a small sink and an under-counter refrigerator. Storage is provided for by base and wall cabinets.

Living Area
The living area has space for two chairs, and if they’re folding chairs (as shown above) they can be stored between the loft floor joists. There’s also a folding leaf table under the stainless steel fireplace that allows the living area to act as a dining area.

The bathroom is accessed by a large 4-foot-wide folding door opposite the kitchen and can accommodate a 2-foot-square shower and a small toilet.

Sleeping Loft
The sleeping loft is capable of accommodating a queen-size mattress and is naturally lit and ventilated by 3 picture windows. The loft can be accessed by an alternating tread staircase, which contains compartments for storage.

This tiny house can be built on a 6′-5″ x 10′ utility trailer.

Full Plans

  • Details for permanent foundations and trailers
  • Annotated exterior elevations
  • General floor plans & construction floor plans
  • Electrical schematic
  • Plumbing schematic
  • Construction framing plans
  • Partition construction details
  • Optional kicker box construction details
  • Timber cut details
  • Custom cabinetry overview
  • Transverse cross-sections
  • Nailing schedule
  • Components page with details of fixtures, fittings & appliances
  • Construction notes, hints and tips
  • Residential license to build one house

Framing Plan Set

  • Details for permanent foundations and trailers
  • Construction framing plans
  • Timber cut details
  • Transverse cross-sections
  • Nailing schedule
  • Construction notes, hints and tips
  • Residential license to build one house

For more information about our plans check out our Tiny House Plans – What’s Included? page.

Area Dimensions Area Dimensions
Footprint 6′-5″ x 10′ House Height 11′
Living Area 5′-9″ x 7′-1″ Kitchen 5′-9″ x 7′-1″
Bathroom 2′ x 4′ Ceiling Height 6′-9″
Loft 6′-9″ x 10′-4″ Loft Height 3′-1″
Width @ Eaves 8′-5″ Total Area 119 sq ft

Good To Know

  • All our tiny houses are designed & checked by a structural engineer
  • Our plans are among the highest quality available, at discounted prices
  • You can either download your plans instantly or order a printed set
  • Plans are designed for the self-builder with lots of helpful drawings & info
  • Free updates that contain additional options, schematics & add-ons
  • Free support – because we care about your home as much as you do!



All our tiny houses are built using advanced stick-frame construction techniques. A variety of different types of insulation can be installed, from sheep’s wool to expanded polystyrene. We also recommend the use of internal vapour barriers.


How you clad your tiny house is up to you, but we recommend sustainably harvested timber that’s been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Other cladding options include lightweight steel panels, and vinyl siding.


Our tiny houses are designed , and to meet the needs of many. That’s why we specify windows from Jeld Wen, an international company that specialises in the construction of quality doors and windows for a wide range of budgets.


There are many options for heating a tiny house. Some which have been installed in our tiny houses include the Morso 1440 wood burning stove, the Newport P-9000 stainless steel fireplace, and the Envi wall-panel heater.


Plumbing systems for a tiny house can be as complicated or simply as needed. Black and grey water tanks can be installed to create an RV-like system, while others prefer composting toilets to minimise their environmental impact.


A tiny house can be hooked up to the main grid, or you can decide to go off-grid and use solar panels to provide for your electrical needs. Some of our tiny house plans include PV-system schematics to help you along your way.


Our tiny houses are designed with standard-sized components in mind to minimise the amount of work, and cost to create your dream tiny home. All the main components (like the kitchen stove and sink) are specified in the plans.


We typically specify a painted drywall finish for the interior of our homes, but there’s nothing to stop you from installing timber cladding (a popular finish among tiny houses) or even tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.

Tiny House Benefits

  • Save money: the average tiny house costs just $23,000 to build. That’s 92% less than your average house – a saving of $249,000 before interest.
  • Live a green lifestyle with a tiny carbon footprint. Less materials are required for construction, and less energy is needed to power your home.
  • A tiny house on wheels gives you more freedom. Live how you want, where you want, when you want. See the world from your living room.
  • Less stuff, more life. A tiny house allows you to remove the unnecessary clutter from your life, and focus on what really matters.

Printed Plans

Downloadable plans not for you? You can purchase a set of printed plans below – delivery is free! For more information about printed plans check out our Printed Tiny House Plans page.

Printed Plans $214

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What Client’s Say

“A tiny house design that’s perfect for people who want an alternative to sleeping in a loft. Love your creativity and how great you are to work with!”
Karen Batchelor,
“Thank you so much! You guys are the best! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.”
William P, CA
“There is no comparison between you guys and the rest of the tiny house plans out there.”
Phil H, USA
“The plans are fantastic! Your pricing is one heck of a deal… I really think they are outstanding value for the money!”
Stephen Wirzylo,
“The plans are AWESOME! Thank you so much!”
Jay T, Los Angeles, CA
“Thank you for your time, your patience, and going that extra mile for me. You are awesome! Thank you so much!”
Amber D, Portland, OR


We use PayPal to handle online payments. PayPal is a safe and secure method of paying for goods and services, with millions of account holders worldwide, although you don’t need to have an account with PayPal to pay for your plans.


At Humble Homes we’re proud of our tiny house plans, and believe that they are amongst the highest quality of plans available. We offer a limited warranty that is applicable to printed tiny house plans only – see our FAQ for our refund policy.


Please read our End User License Agreement (EULA) before purchasing plans. The EULA applies to all customers purchasing plans from Humble Homes. By purchasing a set of plans from us you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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