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The Turtle Tiny House

A 230 square foot tiny house on wheels designed for year-round living. It features one of our most flexible layouts, making it suitable for single people, couples, or even families.

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At Humble Homes we design our houses to be flexible. So it’s no surprise our most popular plans are also the most innovative.

The McG Loft V2 Tiny House

The McG Loft V2

The McG Loft V2 is designed for full-time living and features apartment-size appliances (including a washer/dryer) and a staircase to the loft.

The Athru Tiny House

The Athrú

Our most flexible tiny house. The Athrú adjusts to suit your needs with it’s transformable living area and a large kitchen with a breakfast bar.

The Turtle Tiny House

The Turtle House

At 230 square feet, the Turtle House is great for those that need a little more space. It contains a ground floor bedroom that doubles as an office.

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The McG Loft Tiny House

The McG Loft

Feature: Staircase
Size: 178 sq ft

The Berneil Tiny House with Porch


Feature: Storage
Size: 191 sq ft

The BRV1 Tiny House

The BRV1

Feature: Bedroom
Size: 209 sq ft

The JS Bell Tiny House with Porch

JS Bell+Porch

Feature: 5 Living Spaces
Size: 125 sq ft

The Humblebee Tiny House with Porch


Feature: 100 Sq Ft Porch
Size: 226 sq ft

The Nook Tiny House

The Nook

Feature: Scissor Staircase
Size: 119 sq ft

The Rooke Tiny House with Porch


Feature: Solar Design
Size: 216 sq ft

The BRV2 Tiny House

The BRV2

Feature: 5 Living Spaces
Size: 235 sq ft

Our Tiny House Plans Are Awesome.

Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Structurally Engineered

All of our tiny house plans are designed and checked by our in-house structural engineer.

High Quality, Low Cost

We bring you high quality plans at a fraction of the cost compared to other company’s.

Download Instantly

Plans can be downloaded instantly, avoiding shipping costs and nasty carbon emissions.

Free Support & Updates

Have some questions? Any plan purchased with us comes with free support and updates!

Why Choose Us

      • All our tiny houses are designed & checked by a structural engineer
      • Our plans are among the highest quality available, at discounted prices
      • You can either download your plans instantly or order a printed set
      • Plans are designed for the self-builder with lots of helpful drawings & info
      • Free updates that contain additional options, schematics & add-ons
      • Free support – because we care about your home as much as you do!

What Client’s Say

“A tiny house design that’s perfect for people who want an alternative to sleeping in a loft. Love your creativity and how great you are to work with!”
Karen Batchelor, Livinglargewithless.com
“Thank you so much! You guys are the best! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.”
William P, CA
“There is no comparison between you guys and the rest of the tiny house plans out there.”
Phil H, USA
“The plans are fantastic! Your pricing is one heck of a deal… I really think they are outstanding value for the money!”
Stephen Wirzylo, steves124squarefeet.blogspot.com
“The plans are AWESOME! Thank you so much!”
Jay T, Los Angeles, CA
“Thank you for your time, your patience, and going that extra mile for me. You are awesome! Thank you so much!”
Amber D, Portland, OR
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