With the global population increasing and land available for housing decreasing many designers are starting to look for alternatives methods of construction, or rethinking traditional concepts of space and how it’s allocated. Micro-homes are fast becoming an ideal sustainable solution to meeting the needs of our future generations.

One such designer is Jeffrey Greger, who, along with engineers and designers at San Jose State University, have produced a concept tiny house called the ZEM (Zero Emission House). The Zem is a sustainably built tiny house that attempts to deliver all the mod-cons of a modern home on a drastically reduced footprint.

ZEM has a footprint under of 100 square feet and features a green roof on one side with an array of solar panels on the other. The solar panels will be capable of providing the electrical needs of the occupants.

The roof pitch and slanted walls have been designed to take full advantage of natural daylight and solar gain, reducing the homes dependence on artificial lights and ventilation.

Via EcoChunk