The H2 BOX – A Tiny Condo in Thailand by PODesign


Called the H2 BOX, this small condo display unit is to be used as part of a much larger project in Thailand. The condo has been designed by local architecture firm PODesign, who not only worked on the interior but also the exterior fa├žade, which is intended to draw in possible customers.

H2 BOX - PODesign - Tiny Apartment - Thailand - Exterior - Humble Homes

Each condo occupies just 484 square feet (45 square meters). The display unit has been “floated” off of the ground level, which almost turns this particular model into a two-storey home with a parking space/garden underneath. In the finished building you would only have the main living area (a bit of a shame really).

Glass Floor Entrance - H2 BOX - PODesign - Tiny Apartment - Thailand - Humble Homes

Entry to H2 BOX is gained to the rear of the building by a short staircase, which leads up to a lobby area featuring a glass floor. The glass floor is no doubt cool, but expensive. It also has the effect of introducing lots of indirect sunlight to the lobby.

H2 BOX - PODesign - Tiny Apartment - Thailand - Seating and Bedroom - Humble Homes

The main body of the home is really quite compact. It contains a decent-sized bathroom set next to the entry door, alongside a short galley kitchen. The kitchen flows into a narrow living area with a TV/entertain unit at one end and a couch on the other.

H2 BOX - PODesign - Tiny Apartment - Thailand - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The most generously proportioned room in the home is the bedroom, but even it’s not particularly large. There’s just enough space for the bed, a few bedside tables, and a closet. A small section of the bedroom has been cut out to create a compact exterior terrace.

H2 BOX - PODesign - Tiny Apartment - Thailand - Floor Plan- Humble Homes

The interior has been finished in neutral colors. Materials like glass and mirrors are used to help maintain a sense of spaciousness despite its small and divided floor plan. I think the layout could have been “re-jigged” to create more functional, seemingly larger home, but I do like their use of glass partitions.

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  1. thumbs down on this one. Just because you can (glass floor) doesn’t mean you should. And the king sized bed is just kinda silly next to that squeezed-in love seat…. strange.

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